Wondering about whether to get a subscription to Netflix or Hulu? Isn’t it a modern era “to be or not to be’’? I have a couple of pointers that might help, but trust me, in the end, it’s always, “oh what the hell, let’s get both”. Let’s talk about what we all look for when we are getting an OTT (Over the top) platform subscription.

Library Size

First and foremost how much is my money worth? I know it’s not about quantity but quality. Still there have been plenty of quality work created since the origin of cinema, and every…

Who should read it?

General users who want to create a new project (or document) and want to have control over the code. If you think sharing repository is becoming challenging, comment. I will add the steps to share.

Programmers who want to create any project (or document). And want to keep track of the progress. I mean I can’t stress how important git is.

Step 0: Open GitHub.com and sign up (if not already) or, Login. Now Download GitHub Desktop (for macOS or Windows) and login to that too.

Step 1: Go Back to github.com and choose to create New Repositor. …

Do you wanna implement google custom search api, in an application (ios/android)? Alright! Here, this link will solve everything for you.

Go check that!

Checked? ‘And’ back! That means you are one of my kind, unlike the geniuses who understand the encrypted documentation of these tech giants.

It took me 6–7 hours and tens of url keys (support URL and forum links) to decrypt the documentation they provided. I wanna save that time for you folk. Here is step by step process to for implementing google search api.

Initial X step will be common for all, and last few steps…

Mainly because you want to do it, but then it has been proved to be the highly efficient approach when you know that this component you gonna uses again and again in most of your project. For example, a UITextview that provides placeholder and character limit ¹, or a view that can be panned to the directions and area you want it to. Later we'll create while going through a course of this post.

What do you need?

  • Xcode, we’ll be developing this pod in Swift 5
  • Cocoapod configured in your system, here you can find how to do…

Arpit Awasthi

I am a programmer for 10 years. And Writer for 16.

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